Exclusive Bench solution for the new MEVD17.2.G

Flex is now ready

Magicmotorsport releases the Bench solution for reprogramming the new generation of Bosch MEVD17.2.G ECUs. The protocol allows reading and writing on ECU installed on BMW M2 CS and Competition vehicles.

Flex world exclusive for cars equipped with the new anti-tuning guards, manufactured, or updated, from July 2020.

The latest Flex update (version make possible to program ECUs directly in bench mode without having to unlock the ECU in Bootloader, just book this service here on our Helpdesk. 

And not only, remember that this is the first solution on the market for tuning on the BMW M2 CS and Competition.

The protocol allows full access to the ECU: the Flash and EEPROM memories can be entirely read and written as backup files for cloning and restoring the electronic unit.

Supported Vehicles:

  • BMW M2CS 3.0L 450PS (>07/2020)
  • BMW M2 Competition 3.0L 411PS (>07/2020)

The new Bench protocol will be available for the following software packages:

  • FLS0.1M – SW Flex ECU (car, van, bike) OBD + Bench Master
  • FLS0.1S – SW Flex ECU (car, van, bike) OBD + Bench Slave
  • FLS0.10M – SW Flex Infineon TC17xx / TCxxx Master
  • FLS0.10S – SW Flex Infineon TC17xx / TCxxx Slave
  • FLS0.5M – Flex Full SW Package Master
  • FLS0.5S – Flex Full SW Package Slave

New protocols added:


  • BMW Bosch MEVD17.2.G (> 07-2020) TC1797 Read/Write/Checksum Internal Flash, Read/Write Internal EEPROM, Read Full/Write Full Clone/Restore

Reading : 2 minutes | Writing : 1 minutes & 30 seconds


See the complete list of Flex supported vehicles.