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Chip tuning files
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World-class chip tuning files

Tuning-X offers reliable remapped ECU tuning files in real time, developed by our expert engineers.

We develop, test and improve our files daily, to guarantee best results so that you rest assured that the file will offer driving pleasure, fuel efficiency and optimal power.

Want to know more about the process? Check out how our professional chip tuning file service works and order your custom-made chiptuning file today!

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Tuning-X top quality chiptuning files and tools

Powerful file database

That chiptuning file you need? We have it. Featuring ~180.000 of custom ECU tested files with excellent feedback and a database that grows rapidly daily, we offer 100% reliable solutions.
Tuning-X top quality chiptuning files and tools

Real-time tuning

Tuning-X offers automatic file processing 24/7 so you can instantly receive your custom tuning file in seconds. Having a special request, our engineers will deliver the file in less than 30minutes
Tuning-X top quality chiptuning files and tools

Consistency that counts

With more than 15 years of tuning experience and a worldwide network of chiptuning specialists working with our files daily, we guarantee top-notch results and improved performance for all types of vehicles.